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So Social is an advertising agency that specializes in scaling talent back brands. We have produced over $100 million in revenue for influencers, creators, artists, and brands.

 We like to think of ourselves as the "anti-agency agency."  As people who have worked at top-tier agencies and built their teams, we understand everything that is wrong with the agency model. 


We exist to bring a client's vision to life and make any venture they trust us with extremely successful.  


Ashleigh Warren, Founder

So Social is the brainchild of Ashleigh Warren, a successful brand & digital marketing strategist who has produced over $100 million in revenue for brands, creators and influencers. For many of her clients, Ashleigh has produced over a 5X return.

Ashleigh actively advises brands on how to create products, creative assets, and ad campaigns that produce top tier multi-platform success.

Based in Los Angeles, California, her elite team of marketers, copywriters, and social media experts excel at providing the world's top creators, athletes, influencers, and artists the greatest return possible through social media campaigns.



We strive to educate our clients on how and why we do what we do daily, weekly, and monthly. We are committed to your overall success and vow to always provide you with key learnings that will lead to brand growth.


Do you work with talent directly?

Yes, we do! We also partner with management and merchandise companies to offer our white-labeled ad services to further their client's sales. Some of these partnerships have included LiveNation, Empire, Rivals and Fanjoy.

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