In a time of social distancing and event cancellations, organic social media should not be your marketing plan; it should augment your predictable battle-tested growth strategy. Brand deals, shows, shoots, interviews, tours, and meet & greets have practically disappeared overnight. Everyone in entertainment is losing their mind over this, except a prepared group:

The talent that invested in Facebook and Instagram Ads to push their merchandise sales well before this started.

No lie, for an influencer I manage, we saw over a 12x return on $1.6k spend in a single day. Yes, over $21,000 return in merch sales! No, we didn’t run some elaborate money sucking Black Friday-like offer or a promise to sign anything. We just ran with what I would consider one of our standard campaign strategies.

Don’t rely on opportunities outside of your control to make you a sustainable, predictable income. I have managed Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads campaigns for superstars like Mike Tyson, David Dobrik, Jake Paul, The Try Guys, Becca Kufrin, Markiplier, Noen Eubanks and Avani Gregg, just to name a few. My talent accounts are still seeing well over a 6x return during this pandemic.

I’ve spoken to quite a few brands who thought they should be pulling back spend... Listen, if you are in the entertainment industry, have an audience and an online merch shop, you should do the exact opposite!

A lot of the larger brick and mortar brands have pulled back their massive budgets, so it’s caused CPMs to be a lot cheaper than they already were for talent campaigns, causing the cost to acquire a purchase online to be the lowest I’ve personally seen it in four years.

Don’t let the virus scare you away from making easy money. Facebook and Instagram ads are more effective than ever. If you're still shipping, spend the money on advertising. You won't regret it.

Here’s my best advice for any talent managing their own ad campaigns:

Know and Accept The Facts

The career lifespan of any talent, celebrity, creator or influencer is uncharted territory. You have witnessed stars rise and fall at alarming rates, just as we have. Brands will not always be flooding your inboxes with collaboration opportunities. VERY FEW people live to be the talk of the town forever. That is why it is so critical that you are consistently building your stand alone high intent audience. An effective merch strategy is how you create lifelong fans. They may not go to every concert, show, meet and greet you release, but they will CONSISTENTLY purchase quality products that make them feel close to you. Most of our creators have a monthly returning purchaser rate of over 3x. Use the facts to your advantage.

Google Search Campaigns - Buy Your Damn Name Already.

My God, Idk why most of you aren’t investing at least $40/day on this. Ever seen 97x return before? I have. On freaking Google. People are searching for your name all the time!! Make sure your merch is top of mind when they look for you. That is easy money in your pocket.

Literally, I have had meetings with three different account executives at Google because they were blown away at the immediate results I was achieving through my talent campaigns. They kept saying, “We don’t see ROI like this….never do accounts return this much so quickly” That my friends is the power of organic presence, smart targeting and effective ad copy.

If you do nothing today, go do that. You won’t regret it. Need help setting it up? Check out Google’s instructions, or book a call with me below, I’d be happy to walk you through it.

Set Up Google Customer Reviews

Again, easy win. When people search for you, your products will automatically pop up along with product ratings. 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews. So take advantage of these easy wins, these things are known to do well for CTR and CVR. Here are the implementation instructions for Google Customer Reviews (Seller Ratings) and a general overview.

Don’t Be a Know it All.

Don’t assume you fully know your audience, or that a specific creative direction is the best move. Test, expand that test, then test again. My best performing ads and audiences are almost always ones I second-guessed.

Know the Audience for Each Platform.

Create content that feels native to the platform. On these highly saturated platforms, it’s important to equally stand out, but also fit in. Don’t just post a snippet of your music video like everyone else is doing, or a selfie that focuses on you looking hot rather than you looking hot in your merch. It’s a very fine line, but those are two different shots, and that’s where most clients fu*k up.

Treat Your Audience Like Fans, Not Potential Customers.

Understand that nobody wants to be sold, but everyone wants to buy. Most people hate ads, so try your best not to feel like one. Don’t overproduce your creative. It shouldn’t feel like some elaborate production because that’s not what Instagram, Facebook or TikTok were designed for. Your ad content should feel organic and inline with your voice while still pushing a direct response.

Be Ready.

I watch my campaigns hourly for any potential spikes in conversion rate, ESPECIALLY, with talent. Whenever a client posts about their merch organically, it feeds the ad campaign like you would not believe. Like $100k in an hour crazy. Or like $497,000 in an hour, crazy.

It sucks when you don’t realize a “winner” immediately, because without the ads driving traffic, sales would be easily be cut in half. That is why my account managers have post notifications on for all our talent, and they carry laptops wherever they go (weekends included). We don’t miss an opportunity to scale, ever.

Don’t Get Too Excited.

I scale a win but also start testing new bidding structures, targeting segments, ad copy and creative ASAP because I know what works today is guaranteed not to crush forever.

Don’t Get Trigger Happy.

Be patient, and give things time, but not millennial time. It’s not returning well within five days, pause that sh*t! These are talent ad campaigns, so you play by different rules. I always create new campaigns for new tests, and then I consolidate what is working. This way, I don’t trigger a new learning phase on ads before gathering enough purposeful data.

Don’t Be Too Cool For Content

You have to see that producing ad content, doing photoshoots, one-off videos and such to promote your merchandise is your part in ensuring you’re making as much money as possible. No one likes an IG promotion whore, I get it, and we don’t work with those kinds of people. That being said, we can provide you with our proven content strategy that allows you to stay true to who you are while still providing your ad account with the fuel it needs to achieve optimal success.

Don’t Just Focus on the Ads.

We are heavily involved in the overall customer experience, offers, launches, and site experience. We regularly offer site optimizations and consult in the creative asset development process. We never just say to a client, ‘send us your assets.” We work closely with their content teams to ensure we are producing creative assets that convert well based upon data. It’s so important to know your sh*t in this space, otherwise you'll waste money on campaigns that go nowhere. You have to make sure you’re putting the right content out there that is true to who you are but also has two nonnegotiable goals in mind: A qualified click, and a guaranteed purchase.

It’s tough out in these streets, we know, but we’re here to help you succeed in the crowded and ever-changing world of social media.

Would you like to get a 5x ROI on your Instagram and Facebook ads? Not running ads yet, but are ready to take things to the next level? Drop us a line if you have any questions or if you’d like to hop on a call for a free strategy session.

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